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lol how cools this, me and my friends were looking for a new street spot and we were walking round this place thats going to be turned into a supermarket in 2-3 years but they bought the land early so everywhere in that areas abandoned. we went down this weird assed drive waythat looked like itd lead to some crazy old guys house and all trees on each side and stuff and we ended up at a bunch of abandoned apartments with everything still fairly intact cept it was pretty much all boarded up, so we went up just to check out what was in there and shit and my friend (whos about 6"3 and loves to stomp on things) kicked down a few doors and there was fully functional toilets, sinks, lights everything then we went to the second story and found we could even get into the abandoned pub across from it, after getting bored of cehcking everything out we went back down and it never really occured to us that the underground parking lot would be a perfect place to set up our own private spot but it was blocked with a big metal sliding door thing just like bars, you could see in you just couldent get in so we left but a few months later we were walking past the area again and decided to check it out lol and when we acctually went up close to it we discovered that the gate hadent been fully closed lol so now weve got our own spot which practically no one knows about to ourselves for a while. all we have to do is sweep up the dead leaves and dust out of the parking lot the place even looks good enough to stay the night there a few friends and a few drinks and a few ramps maybey music and weve practically got all the ingredients to an awesome party. its these type of things that make me love skateboarding  

02 Nov 2006 14:02
luck bastard lol...our new skatepark just closed down cuz some dickhead cracked his skull and is sewing the skatepark owner for $40, sux now all the skaters in my town are pissed at the dude who sewed is movin to now we just go to the movies and hastings to skate but its mostly all flatland but a 18 set and a rail  

03 Nov 2006 02:08
its his fault for skating there was there a sign that says skate at your own risk?  

03 Nov 2006 06:40
lol yeah what a little weiner kid...its people like him that encourage people to kick skaters out of streets spots and all that -_- most of the time the peopel that kick skaters out of places arnt worried of them damaging things as much as theire worried theire going to sue if they hurt themselves lol in australia we dont have that problem of people sueing skate park owners the council owns the skate parks ive seen alot of parks in america on the web and stuff theire all fenced up and msot of them make you wear helmets sometimes even pads lol the ones we have are completly unsupervised its good i guess cause you can skate there at 3 in the morning if you feel inclined too and nothing feels better then to pull a trick over a pile of flaming boxes and theres no one to pull you up for it but you end up with all these little black kids throwing water bombs lol id hit them but little black kids always seem to have big black brothers who have a bunch of big black not being racist i just wish you could start a fight with one with out starting a fight with them all easpecially when that one person deserves a good beating for being such a faggot  

04 Nov 2006 03:57
Fuzzy Rider
from what i know its impossible to sew someone for 40, 000 dollars because you can only sew someone the money you lost from medical bills and other stuff  

04 Nov 2006 05:54
unless the hurt one was in really bad shape lol  

04 Nov 2006 20:56
yes there is a sign and yea he did get pretty messed up hes in thrapy for parshal paralization in his legs...but now me and my freinds found this deserted junk yard in the back of one of my freinds land is just a huge concrete pad with wood and tables and rails and everything...we just find something and use it....  

04 Nov 2006 22:33
well my skatepark was getting closed down so we protested city and 3 other guys were arrested (cuase we were leading) but we kept protesting for a week and the police cheif guy asked us why we were protesting and he was like "oh then you guys shouldnt be here yeh my son is a skateboarder" so he let us go clean and we are getting a new skatelitw park not cheap ass fiberwood  

05 Nov 2006 05:17
i cant read all that crap...cliffnotes anyone?  

06 Nov 2006 09:47

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