i can't kickflip

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everytime i try to kickflip i can get the board to flip but I always land my back foot on the board,how can I get my front foot on the board aswell, I am getting really pissed off cause I can't land a kickflip.  

30 Dec 2003 03:52
ur mind is freaking out and thinking that you will fall but really u wont so dont try to think about it and just do it  

30 Dec 2003 13:42
Fuzzy Rider

03 Dec 2006 03:51
i have that same problem i can get my back foot on but not my front one but if i just do it without even jumping i can land with my back foot but if i actually try and jump i cant jump or land any foot on the board. for some reason i just cant jump when i kickflip

edit: my bad guys for bringing the old thread back  

12 Jan 2007 04:56
lol i had this problem of only being able to get one foot on and ive taught at least 3 people how to do them since most of the time its not a mental thing its a technique thing. this might help

ok have your back foot on the kick and your front foot around 3-4 inches behind your bolts being sort of toey with it and ir usually helps if your foot is on a 45 degree angle (this isnt the position you have to have your foot to do a kick flip ive just found in most people its the easiest)

ollie as you would normaly except drag your front foot to the part where the concave of oyur board ends and the front kick starts (again this isnt exactly where oy have to drag your foot its jsut the easier place to flip from for most people)

as your foot gets there dont kick the board flick it that is the most important part of kick flips its not a kick its a flick and if you cant get your front foot on that is most likley your problem a flick allows your leg to stay closer to the position it needs to be in to be re united with the board

if youve got the flick right landing it shouldent be to difficult (if it flips to much and you land with the board upside down you can just jumping less flicking less or sometimes landing in primo can help getting your feet back on the grip shouldent be something that you have to time and concentrate on it should be instinctive

if you did all this and it worked on you might not be getting your kickflips very high (when i first learnt them i couldent even get them off the ground they just sort of spun round on the tail) once you cna land these fairly fluently like 1 in 5 or whatever you can start moving your foot back further doing more of an ollie before you flick the board and start catching them in mid air instead of them just flipping landing on the ground and then landing on top of it because you need to be able to catch in mid air to do them down things and up things kick flips are also very inconsistent when you first learn them some days you might land heaps of them and other days you might not land any youll just land them upside down dont let it stress you just stop trying them for the day and try tomorrow hope this helps  

13 Jan 2007 16:48
and if F.O.A.L description dont help got to [url]www.skateboard-city.com[/url] theyll explain everything  

13 Jan 2007 22:53
do it on the grass and tell yourself both feet are going to land on the board. Get in in your head and you can land it.  

19 Apr 2007 01:06
yeah my back foot doesnt even land and the board spins behind or in front of me


u fall off the board it hurts then u get back on and fall agin u no wat i call it.


28 Jul 2007 03:18
cant do kick flips to this day....i did land a inward heelflip once...and a kickflip sex change but...cant do it on command  

01 Aug 2007 19:47
yeah i no so can u give me some help  

02 Aug 2007 21:51
my only problem is that im not flicking the board on the edge enough so my board kicks out...  

05 Aug 2007 01:36

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