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Theres not enough talk on this forum so I decide to ask a pointless question in the hope that i might stem to more conversation, What do you have on your grip tape? nothing? quotes in white out? scribbles in texta? spray paint? etc  

05 Nov 2006 12:46
i cut a section right behind the bolts and wrote my last name in  

05 Nov 2006 19:23
i have bam margera bat grip tape  

05 Nov 2006 19:55
my bro had that, it was ok  

05 Nov 2006 22:09
i have nothing on my grip tape because everyhting else is a waste of time  

06 Nov 2006 09:47
well mine came with my board  

07 Nov 2006 01:41
[QUOTE=bobe]i have nothing on my grip tape because everyhting else is a waste of time[/QUOTE]
it gave me somethin to waste my time with and it doesnt look half bad  

07 Nov 2006 03:44
do that on peoples houses, not your prized beloved skateboard  

08 Nov 2006 05:57
i did that once.....i made a huge ass heart with cross bones on was an artists house who is a lazy bum and i got 10 bucks to paint over it lol  

08 Nov 2006 07:08
ive done that twice on the same persons house and multiple times on stop signs and bunches of other stuff.  

09 Nov 2006 07:35
thats why i am starting to get money agian!!!!!  

09 Nov 2006 22:07

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