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This Walter's V Drive was removed in good working condition out of our 2000 Malibu 23 LSV about 2 months ago, it has been stored inside of our garage since.It has about 270 hours of use on it. It was used with a ZF 45C Transmission on a Monsoon 340 Vortec 5.7 L engine. pictures are available if needed.

The following information is off the V Drive itself:

Serial # 82433

Part # RV- 26D

Ratio 1.46-1

Information on this V drive can also be found online at [url][/url]

The following is from the maker if this V Drive.

Walter V-Drives

Walter V-Drives are precision gear drives which allow inboard engines to be placed in the stern (rear) of a boat for greater safety, better handling, increased space, reduced drag, lower bow rise, shallower draft and less maintenance. The simple rugged design -- made in the USA -- has been proven in service for more than 50 years.

The Walter V-Drive enables the propeller to be tucked under the hull in front of the rudder (below left) -- instead of hanging off the stern next to the swim platform as with a sterndrive or inboard/outboard (below right). This safety feature is important on small recreational runabouts designed for the water sports enthusiast and his / her family, especially with an inexperienced captain or small children.

Q-u-i-e-t and Compact Design
Q - U - I - E - T design features time-tested precision-ground helical gears (same manufacturing process as aircraft gearing). The small vertical offset allows the engine to be mounted lower in the boat resulting in a lower the center of gravity. This lower center of gravity greatly enhances boat handling, tracking and stability.

Walter V-Drives are available in Direct Mounted and Remote Mounted models, in a wide variety of sizes -- each with numerous standard gear ratios and V-angles -- to accommodate nearly every application on runabouts, wakeboard boats, houseboats, cruisers and fishing boats.

Direct Mounted Models

Direct-Mounted models couple to the back of simple and inexpensive direct-drive (1:1) transmissions. Because of the short length and small vertical offset, they are the perfect solution for ski boats, runabouts and wherever space is limited. Unlike expensive sterndrives which are constantly immersed in water, Walter V-Drives have a simple, reliable and efficient design which is inexpensive to maintain and repair.

Proven Design -- Rugged and Reliable

Walter V-Drives have proven their reliability with more than 50 years in the field. In addition to the highest quality precision ground helical gears made from the finest alloy steels, Walter V-Drives are manufactured with rugged tapered roller bearings, one piece main housings for vibration dampening and accurate gear alignment, self-reversing bi-directional oil pump to force feed lubrication to all internal components and high capacity water-jacketed cooling to reduce operating temperatures and increase life.

This Transmission was taken out of our 2000 Malibu LSV. It was used with a Monsoon 340 Vortec 5.7 L engine. It has about 270 hours on it and was in perfect working condition when removed.

The following information is provided by ZF marine, the maker of the transmission.

Co-axial, direct mount marine transmission.

Maximum rated input: 210kW (282hp)

Available for Pleasure and Light Duty applications.

Reverse reduction marine transmission with hydraulically actuated multi-disc clutches .
Suitable for high performance applications skiboats and waterjets. .
Fully works tested, reliable and simple to install .

Design, manufacture and quality control standards comply with ISO 9001 .
Compatible with all types of engines and propulsion systems, including waterjets and surface- piercing propellers, as applicable .
Max input torque and power can not be transmitted when shifting lever is in position «B». «B» position in used only for reverse operation during docking and low speed maneuvering .

Lightweight and robust aluminum alloy casing (sea water resistant) .
Case hardened and precisely ground gear teeth for long life and smooth running .
Output shaft thrust bearing designed to take maximum propeller thrust astern and ahead .
B/W connection integrated with casing .
Smooth and reliable hydraulic shifting with control lever for attachment of push-pull cable .
Replaceable oil filter cartridge .
The reversible oil pump makes the gearbox suitable for use with right hand or left hand rotation engine .

Engine-matched dual stage coupling .
SAE 3 and SAE 4 bell housings .
Oil cooler .
Propeller shaft flange .
Control cable bracket for mounting of push-pull cable to the control lever .

Photo's available if needed. Please email with email address to send them. Along with any additionl information you may need.

Information on Transmission.

Model Name HSW 450 D or ZF 45 C

Ratio IA= 1.00 IB = 1.03

Serial Number 0817820H

Information can be seen online at

Will sell together or seperate.
More photos available. Both where in perfect working condition when removed and have been stored inside of our garage since. We have a warrenty with the new ones and I am tired of hubby storing stuff in the garage we don't need, so if you or anyone you know are in need of one email me with a offer, malibutans @
Im not on the forum much so if you want a response quickly email me. or IM me at sunkissedgurl75 on AOL.  

09 Nov 2006 22:56

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