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hi i just started bmx i can do a bunny hop and i need to know the next trick to learn and soem tips on it plz  

12 Nov 2006 11:07
how can reading help you? do whatever you see in vids untill you get it right...thats how i learn most of my tricks  

15 Nov 2006 03:52
doing what you want to do is better instead of what other ppl do  

16 Nov 2006 12:32
well doing what other people do can help your other skills on tricks that you make up or what ever  

17 Nov 2006 06:39
You want my opinion on what you should learn next?

How about a 360 double flip. I hope you break your neck too. I'm sick of dumbfucks like you asking what to do.  

17 Nov 2006 23:39
im pretty much jsut sick of this forum  

18 Nov 2006 00:54
yeah, i dont check this multiple times a day like i usually do. i check when i remember to now...  

18 Nov 2006 02:20
y dont u suk m6y balls demented bmxer go outside hide and go fuk urself  

18 Nov 2006 12:32
lol, say goodbye to morris. because today is the day he gets his wings.  

19 Nov 2006 06:42

Dude, if you ever are going to e-yell at someone, best advice I have is to spell correctly. "go outside" were the only words used in the propper tense, spelled correctly, and punctuated correctly (no punctuation was needed which is why your dumb ass got it right).

With that said, yes, I will take fries with that.  

19 Nov 2006 17:09
internet fighting is retarded...i used to internet really cant do any thing to anyone......  

21 Nov 2006 01:35
wut do u mean u still internet fight ppl  

21 Nov 2006 02:53
i get mad at spammers but i have stopped that now....  

22 Nov 2006 01:41
[QUOTE=morris774]hi i just started bmx i can do a bunny hop and i need to know the next trick to learn and soem tips on it plz[/QUOTE]
Hey, here is a cool place that has some walkthroughs on how to do beginner, intermediate, and Expert tricks. Most of them are flatland, but some can be incorporated into street riding. [url][/url]  

04 Dec 2006 17:58
Try a 180 or something like that

Theres plenty of vids on the internet to look at that can help quite a bit  

02 Jan 2007 18:22

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