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Fuzzy Rider
Yep it sucks cause i started skating about 2 months ago and there is no indoor skateparks only 1 outdoor one what is basicly just a quater pipe with rails! and the only indoor skatepark is in like south melbourne which is around a 3 hour drive!  

19 Nov 2006 05:51
skate street then indoor parks arnt to great anyway they tend to be full of people who are better then you and just make you worry if your getting in theire way and even more full of peopel who are worse then you and dont seem to care if they get in your way sometimes the set ups are lame too the indoor skate park "monster" in sydney homebush is pretty much back and forth the ramps face in just 2 directions so you find yourself skating back and forth in a straight line or you could just find an abandoned spot and make your own ramps...its not as good as a park but its better then nothing  

21 Nov 2006 13:38

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