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any one play it?(skatehockey)i wanna start playing but i need hockey stick  

26 Nov 2006 20:50
wtf are you talking about skatehockey ?  

27 Nov 2006 06:17
i thikn he means rollor hockey not skate hockey  

27 Nov 2006 07:28
no you play hockey on a hit a puck or a can or whatever around and try to score

me and a friend just practice moving around on the board and stuff...its pretty fun  

28 Nov 2006 00:58
sounds pretty gay to me  

28 Nov 2006 02:11
its fun....i was just seeing if anyone else played...right now i play with a broom stick though...>_<  

28 Nov 2006 03:38
Fuzzy Rider
[QUOTE=LlOyD_A7X]sounds pretty gay to me[/QUOTE]

29 Nov 2006 11:51
dude how much gayer can you get i can understand rollor hockey with a hockey stick but playing rollor hockey on a skateboard with a broomstick that is pretty fuckin retarded i hope your proud of yourself  

30 Nov 2006 06:24
lmao lol ^_^ ive done this before not with a broom stick though lol just with a cheap set of hockey sticks and a puck (lol like 2 dollars in the kids section of some cheapo store) yes it is shit you cant dribble the puck or anything its midly amusing for about 10 minutes kind of like a novelty trick like that "oh yeah! manual" in tony hawks you do it for a while when you have nothing at all to do not take it seriously and treat it like a real sport.  

30 Nov 2006 13:48
i dont like roller hockey!its takes alot more skil!!!! but i hate that i dont have a hockey stick  

01 Dec 2006 02:55
lol dont waste your time on it hockey sticks are expensive its about as much as a sport as chess lol go skate at least then you might have something to show for all the time youve put in no matter what trick you learn even if its something lame people wont think your as much of a douche as if they see you pushing a puck with a broom stick on a skate board more importantly its more fun just skating anyway  

01 Dec 2006 10:56

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