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i was just wondering which is better out of the 2 as far as im concerned bones make the best bearings but theres super swiss 6 and theres swiss labyrinth and then theres jsut plain swiss and ever reveiw ever when theire reviewed by the same damn guy say that theire all the best...they cant all be the best? does anyone know which one is the best?  

30 Nov 2006 13:55
personal prefrance..... i would preffer bones swiss though  

01 Dec 2006 02:54
get the super swiss 6  

01 Dec 2006 04:51
in "best" order it goes labrynth, super swiss 6 ball, and swiss.

theres not much difference between the higher grades, so just get the cheaper one.  

01 Dec 2006 09:50
yeah ill probaly just buy what evers at the skate shop i was just wondering which one was better, ty.  

01 Dec 2006 10:53

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