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Hello, I have recently been able to be moving and ollie a little and land it. This is an accomplishment for me. Now i need to learn how to land pop shuv's. I can heelflip but everytime i try it the board always goes infront of me or behind. Same with the pop shuv's. Please Help Me Thanks.  

03 Dec 2006 23:09
youre putting your backfoot on the ground directly after you ollie, you may not know it but trust me. i used to do it all the time, i dont even know i do it but i sometimes still do when i try frontside heel or varial heels. its because your scared of fallin and getting hurt.  

04 Dec 2006 02:00
yeah unless theres a hurricane near by your just kicking the board out ...its like jumping straight up  

04 Dec 2006 04:05
same problem  

18 Sep 2007 03:12

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