Cant grasp endos??

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i can do like evrything else but and endo for some reason i suc up my legs and lean forward but the back never comes up for some fregin reason???tell me why  

31 Dec 2003 21:21
are endos suposed to last a long time or a short time????  

01 Jan 2004 10:36
endos can last as long as you want, sometimes i do 3 sec, or 1sec, once i did a 5sec endo

ps- what do you mean by suck up your legs?  

01 Jan 2004 19:50
i just suck my legs up it seems to last like 1 1/2 sec if i do that.but do u slam on ur front brakes when u do it?  

01 Jan 2004 20:10
First I switch all my weight to the front, hit the brakes, and i sort of jump forward, getting my feet off the pedals for less than 1/10 of a sec, this throws the bike forward. To balance i just lean back or forward, just a little, I mean just a little at a time,

yea i slam my brakes, I also make the front really tight, they become sensitive, but don't do it unless your completlety used to using only the back brakes. i didn't once when i used both brakes, hurt myself bad  

02 Jan 2004 16:01
new BMXer
hey also you can go a pretty slow speed and stick one of your feet in the front wheel and lean forward that will make you go up

dont forget to pullit out before you hit the ground  

06 Jan 2004 00:36
u cud pull ur brake and maybye if u dnt have a brake stick ur foot in da forks  

18 Feb 2004 23:17
it doesnt matter any more kause now im on steampollers:):P:Pi got endos like the next day:)  

11 Mar 2004 03:18

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