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Ok, not to long ago i went to a friends house. He has a few skateboards but they are not pro ones. I tried to ollie on one. With great succes i made about a 6inch ollie and landed it with little effort. I try this on my board and i can hardly do crap. (I've notives my spin on heelflips are better) Whats the problem??:confused:  

10 Dec 2006 04:31
probabley its doesnt have anough concave  

10 Dec 2006 05:53
your board sucks, hes got better bearings and harder wheels. all those make a difference  

10 Dec 2006 07:47
maybey or maybey your boards better his board sucks and its just you i learnt to ollie on a board that couldent even turn it got wheel bite instantly it was a 15 dollar board which my friend got in a show bag it was easy to ollie on cause it didnt move around.  

12 Dec 2006 13:43

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