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i need to know some new stationary/moving trick other than heelflip,kickflip,360flips,popshovit,  

13 Dec 2006 06:38
theres tons

nollie, fakie i could go on but cant be arsed  

13 Dec 2006 13:27
you died for a really long time didnt you?  

13 Dec 2006 22:40
hard flip, impossible, pop shuv tail grab, pop shuv underflip and casper flip ...those should keep you busy  

15 Dec 2006 08:28
holy crap, i thought this was an old thread...  

16 Dec 2006 05:46
at first me too but then i looked at the date and i was like holy shit  

16 Dec 2006 07:16
any one do bert slides anymore???? i just started working on them  

17 Dec 2006 04:52
those things are dumb, theres nothing to work on with them, you just do them. it takes no ksill whatsoever  

17 Dec 2006 05:39
lol sure it does when oyu start doing them good and doing like 360 bert slides and stuff (no i dont mean doing a bert slide in a circle i mean when you do a literal 360) someone does it near the end of thrasher king of the road 2005 I think on the zero team when they skate 5 ditches with jake dunn or whatever  

19 Dec 2006 13:06
bobe why are you such an asshole, u put down everyone when they ask for help.  

20 Dec 2006 02:25
i didnt ask for help i was just wondering if any one did them.... i do them around stuff.. Everybody goes " oh my god he must be pro...thats so amazing.." then i do a footplant 180 and they are like W00000000000!!!!!
then i pass around my hat and make like 5 bucks  

20 Dec 2006 06:33
i dont skate for money i just ride around and put on a show for whoever is watching...have youll played that new guitar hero game for ps3 that game is hard but fun u cant take your eyes off of the screen  

20 Dec 2006 20:51
ps3 sucks....nintendo all the way  

22 Dec 2006 01:32
i think one would be a flamingo.it is a fun trick and it looks cool  

22 Dec 2006 04:56
flamingos are to easy, try a big spin down a 7 set them are fun  

23 Dec 2006 04:45
[QUOTE=dubl_a_ron]ps3 sucks....nintendo all the way[/QUOTE]

games suck period. waste of money!!  

01 Jan 2007 10:00
lol you hate everything dont you?  

02 Jan 2007 13:54

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