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Alright,im 14/f and i live in long island. i can skate well,i skim,and i want to get into surfing.do you think surfing is easier then snowboarding? also i was thinking of buying a used 7'0 bullock squash board,or a 6'6 squash tailed byrne shortboard to start with ..im confused and i dont know which one to get for long island swells. please help :roll:  

01 Jan 2004 23:13
Anorexic Dumbo
I learned to surf in Long Island. Usually, not always, the waves are really small so I would go with the 7'. I also snowboard and i think that snowboarding is easier than surfing but it helps. Skating too. If u are good at skimming that will make it a lot easier to learn.  

19 Jan 2004 21:02
I would say if the swell iz quite small go with the longer board it will provide more stabliity if u are a beginner and when u get better u might want to get a short board to do more on a wva eg-cutbacks and table drive  

22 Jan 2004 11:00
surfing is a lot like skating. all you have to do is keep on practicing. dont get frustrated. you'll get the hang of it sooner or later. good luck!

Good Luck!



22 May 2007 00:26
I too want to learn to surf. I'll be down in virginia beach for the summer and my cousin is basically going to drag me all over the place to go surfing. What kind of board should i get? I was watching a few videos on ourstage.com, and some of the boards that these guys were using were long as heck. Do i need a long board? I'm gonna be a beginner so i need something to learn on but also something that i can use once i get used to things. Thanks! :)  

25 May 2007 09:39

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