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anyone heard of a GT dynamo? some guy gave it to me for free....the only problem is the brakes dont works....  

20 Dec 2006 06:35
devil me
dude what the hell are you writing amn this aint no place for girls this is free style shet so please some one can u help me with the bunny hop  

20 Dec 2006 07:34
what the fuck are you talking about??? i'm a guy, i was wondering if anyone heard of it...... and i told you how to already ... you shouldnt be an ass to people who try to help you...and you should really learn to spell before you try to call someone out  

22 Dec 2006 01:29
devil me
What The Fuck Is Wrong With U White Boy. I Fuck Ur Ass Up. Shet!!!tryin To Mess With A Black Dude  

22 Dec 2006 18:57
Yea you know, you don't want to mess with those "black dudes".  

23 Dec 2006 03:51
what the fuck?????? i think this guy needs anger manegment...( i suck at spelling)Perseensuti....  

23 Dec 2006 20:13
chris bmxer
i m back.......  

27 Dec 2006 22:37
long time no see...where were you?  

04 Jan 2007 04:30
chris bmxer
i was dead  

04 Jan 2007 21:52
hey im back too!!!  

19 Jan 2007 15:10
devil me
well ok i will try to play coll with u mr. dubl a ron. so what can u do (tricks).  

22 Jan 2007 07:20
no you just really caught me off gaurd...i used to be able to do 180's no hand 180,flatland barspin,barspin,i was working on jumping on a box and nose manualing it ,and once my leg heals i will be working on flatland stuff  

23 Jan 2007 01:32
What happend to your leg  

23 Jan 2007 17:24
Well I hit him with my car. Unfortunately the only injury he recieved was a fractured leg.  

24 Jan 2007 01:38
tHAT WAS YOU?!?!?!!? just kidding........i went off a jump ..trying to a backflip for the first time...and the handel bar smacked my leg and crack OUCH!i tripped today in front of a kid and he landed on my elbow somehow and it got sprained....wierd...its normallely hard for my to mess up my bones or joints  

25 Jan 2007 06:03
Let me tried a backflip off of that small kicker you and your friends made?

[QUOTE]Demented: I do believe Walmart, Sports Authority, and/or Target sell them.
24 Jan 07, 18:07
Demented: I've heard of it. It's one of the newer GT bikes from when they were bought out by Giant. Not the best bikes, but it's better then nothing.

25 Jan 2007 16:52
no it was a box at the dubuqe.iowa skatepark  

26 Jan 2007 03:48
I never try anything like backflips unless I am doing it into a foam pit. I've crashed backflips before and it doesn't feel nice. Wouldn't want to ever learn them on anything hard.  

26 Jan 2007 05:39
lol... thats what happened to me with x-ups when i was a noob  

26 Jan 2007 16:29
well they opened the foam pit in this gymnastics place for a couple day for BMXers and skaters and i could do them there  

30 Jan 2007 01:44
cool dood:roll:  

30 Jan 2007 04:42

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