is this a good trick to get spocered by

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are these good tricks to getsponcered by?boneless 180 to casper tocasper flip, or a anti-casper to casper to casper flip  

22 Dec 2006 04:53
no if you wanna get sponsored it depends how old you are on the difficulty level of a trick but if your in your teens youll probaly get an am im you pull a few bangers on a decent sized rail, stairs are the thing everyone wants to see. and you cant jsut do one trick to get sponsored you need to send fotoage of you doing a bunch of tricks though i do know a guy that did a bare foot mute over like an elongated spine its like 4 meters long sent a photo into dc shoes and got a free pair of shoes.  

22 Dec 2006 12:43
first, you have to learn how to spell "sponsored" correctly. then you need to get confidence about yourself and try to get sponsored without asking the advice of a bunch of strangers whether you should or not.  

01 Jan 2007 09:57

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