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I was just wondering has anyone skated in high top shoes (no not converese actual high top skate shoes) ive rolled my ankles 5 times in like 3 weeks and ive heard they stop you fom doing it but it seems to me like theyd be hard to kick flip and stuff with.  

22 Dec 2006 12:54
lol its not important anymore i bought shoes anyway  

27 Dec 2006 15:37
nothing is going to stop you from rolling your ankles.  

01 Jan 2007 09:58
unless you wear those sports ankle braces  

01 Jan 2007 22:57
dont suppose youd know weather they restrict ankle movment?  

02 Jan 2007 13:30
i wear one in gym class, it kinda does a little but u get used to it  

02 Jan 2007 21:13
i cant stand high tops..... they dont let you point your feet down...i dont know why it matteras but i just dont like em  

04 Jan 2007 04:35

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