advice on good skateparks near berkshire(england)?

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i want to do more skating but there are no good places to skate apart from my local skate ramp wich is too easy now and i want to get better 8) :D :) :o 8) :wink: :twisted:  

02 Jan 2004 15:34
hey! i'm from (west)berkshire too...
i've actualy never been to a skate park yet because i wanted to get good on street so i won't be a fool in skating around when i go ~ lol

anyway the closest skatepark to me is victoria skatepark in newbury if you've heard of it... it's outdoors and pretty small... not exellent but ppl hang out there...good to mess around on or practise i guess..

here's a site i found if it's no help go to [url][/url] and search directory of skateparks berkshire or something..

09 Jan 2004 19:24
They're currently building a new skatepark in Berkshire - Thatcham - on dunston green... tho they only just started itll probly take oh i dunno a good few months or more so  

27 Jan 2004 18:21
yeah u no that skate park on that road ????  

26 Feb 2004 08:14
yeh i was there 2day, theyve done it, its crap at the moment but next week theres gonna be 2 more quaters and a spine

cos its new its fukin crowded plus rheres not much there, its also full of townies (which is funny cos u can watch fights wit lil kids :lol: :lol: :twisted: )
+ its full of pikies so watch out.  

29 Feb 2004 19:38

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