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Ok, i finnaly got a new board for christmas. I can do ollies. I can do heelflips but when i do them the board always lands behind me maybe once in front but behind is the most. I need help with this. Also pop shuv's i can do when not moveing and land them about 1 out of 15 ( new trick to me ) Ok but when i try them while moving it goes out of control and i usually make it spin more and fly behind infront or forward from me. Im no poping it very well either while moving help please! Thanks. PS: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  

25 Dec 2006 20:31
go to [url]www.skateboard-city.com[/url] and theyll help u out and describe how to it and make corrections  

26 Dec 2006 22:18
i cant do heel flips but being able to pop shuv on the still is a bit odd its easier to do them on the move acorrding to most trick tips and im sure if you askanyone else that can do them theyll agree (i know i do) so maybey its just becauseyour whole pop shuvit technique is wrong (which isnt really a bad thing it jsut requires adjustment its better then not have a technique at all) or your just subconsioucly scared to land on the board while its moving so you kick it out infront try to focus on keeping both legs above the board when you pop itinstead of jsut kicking it round with your front and then putting it down kick down and jump up so your above the board and force yourself to land on top of it  

27 Dec 2006 15:34

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