International Go Skate Day

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June 21st is the international go skate day..... i am gonna hit up the best spots in platteville(theres quite a few) cause my friend just a got a freakin video camera!fuck yes!!!  

04 Jan 2007 04:39
u didnt know about that till u watched rob and big  

08 Jan 2007 00:03
no i was on the element website  

08 Jan 2007 00:12
Why do you need an International Skate Day? Wouldn't every day be a skate day.  

10 Jan 2007 07:26
well yeah but this day should be a holidy and we should get off of everything like school and work  

11 Jan 2007 01:24
that sounds pretty dumb to me lol  

11 Jan 2007 07:35
it takes place on the first day of summer every year and its been going on for years and years...  

12 Jan 2007 07:12

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