board slides on ledges

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this trick has been giving me problems since i started the thing is I can always slide them and get to the edge of the ledge its just when i come 2 the edge one of 3 things happen 1 i slip backwards and the board flys out in front of me 2 the board flips to its side and i land infront of it or 3 i turn out of it but only my front foot stays on does any one know what im doing wrong?  

04 Jan 2007 13:19
fs boardslides or bs boardslides? i think is in your head your just scared of falling .... it might be that your whheels (on the ledge) arnt sliding right and you need to wax it farther up the ledge  

05 Jan 2007 01:29
BS boardslides (going forwards) lol my wheels dont scape theire fine its just getting off i can turn off its just when i do turn off 1 foot comes off your right its probaly just a mental thing ive landed one once with my back foot half on half off it looked really sketchy though  

05 Jan 2007 04:28
you need to go faster, noobs like to do trick at snail speeds when things just dont work that way  

05 Jan 2007 05:16
lol fair nuff ill go faster  

06 Jan 2007 12:55
lol shift ur weight when u do it  

08 Jan 2007 00:02
balance is what its based on.  

19 Apr 2007 01:07
woah i thought this plae was gonna shut down like last year wtf?  

18 May 2007 02:29

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