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I have a fit S2 aitken internal frame Odyssey dirt forks/civillian bars/cielencki pedals sealed/hazzard wheels/evolver brake, Profile crank wethepeople stereo sprocket a fsa headset and a primo lever



04 Jan 2007 13:50
My Hoffman:
frame:hoffman 900 prodigy
Forks:Hoffman 900 prodigy
Handelbars:Hoffamn 900 Prodigy
wheels:wal-mart rubber tires
Front rim:Supra E
Back rim:Supra e
Front Hub: Poverty
Back hub: Poverty
Seat:hoffman stock
Cranks:Primo 3piece
pedals: Primo
Pictures soon  

05 Jan 2007 01:36
My GT:
Frame:GT Dynamo
Forks:GT Dynamo
Handel Bars:GT Dynamo
Wheels:Maxis Street Wheels
Front Rim:GT stock
Back Rim:GT stock
Front Hub: Gt Stock
Back Hub: GT stock
Seat: GT Stock
Cranks:GT 2 piece
Pedals: GT Stock
Pegs:1 Fat Mongoose, 1 Wally Word
Pictures soon  

05 Jan 2007 01:42
The hoffman sounds nice carnt wait to see pics  

06 Jan 2007 01:31
meh its heavy compared to my GT  

06 Jan 2007 04:40
do you know how much weigh  

07 Jan 2007 12:47
stock bikes are usally liter than customs, probably because they are not as strong  

07 Jan 2007 12:55
yes! i just cut dowm my handel bars!now i can do barspins a alot easier!  

07 Jan 2007 23:39
i tried a double barspin today on a box jump, it took 5 atempts befor i did it  

08 Jan 2007 18:54
Come everyone what bike do you have  

09 Jan 2007 22:57
do a barspin while in manual thats kinda hard but fun  

10 Jan 2007 01:58
You have to hold the top tube dont you

Fuck it i am off for a go ill let you know how it went

OUCH !!!  

10 Jan 2007 23:36
no when your in a manual you quick lean back spin the bars REALLY fast and grab the bars and roll away...if you bars get caught on your shirt then lean back more or cut dowm you bars....  

11 Jan 2007 01:19
Nice one, Thats probably why it hurt a lot then

I'm off to try it  

12 Jan 2007 22:17
you know my gt? that was some kid's bike it got stolen and he had a reward for 100$ so i just got 100$...i bought a new board...its a baker i cant wait to get on it  

13 Jan 2007 21:49
are you going to get a new bike then  

16 Jan 2007 19:02
naw..i still have my hoffman  

17 Jan 2007 03:58
hey guys, i'm paul, 14 and i got i think a 95' schwinn hydromatic frame, alex triplle wall rims, mongosse front, schwinn seat, kenda tires, poverty pow 3-piece cranks, and teflon coated pegs, i like to ride street/dirt, but now getting into flatland! :) i'll try and get a pic in soon  

13 Mar 2007 21:58
i got a schwinn (before they sucked ass) lavin 1000
ill get pics soon  

07 Apr 2007 09:23
I ride an 06' DK step up. But i'm currently rebuilding it, and adding new part's for it.  

20 Jan 2008 10:20

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