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we all my know about my problem with my ankle, i sprain it once really realyl badly and now it sprain very easily....well i made that problem a shit load worse today. i rolled that same ankle going down some stairs and it swelled up to the size of an egg, i had to get an breaks or fractures but i stressed the hell out of the bone and EVERYTHING in my ankle is ripped...tendon, ligaments and muscle...if it doesnt get better within a week ill need surgery.  

05 Jan 2007 05:19
thats crazy man  

07 Jan 2007 04:47
i cracked a bone in my leg yesterday  

07 Jan 2007 06:17
damn dude hope it gets better and no u didnt aaron if u cracked the bone in your leg u wouldnt be able to skate or almost anything b/c of the pressure u have to put on it  

08 Jan 2007 00:01
i never said i wrent out skating and i have crutches to walk around  

08 Jan 2007 00:13
i got crutches too, i dont like them...

and looks like i wont need surgery, i kinda took care of it  

12 Jan 2007 07:14
howd you take care of it?0.o i get the cast of in 2 weeks!!woo hoo!!!!  

15 Jan 2007 10:51

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