Tricks hardly ever seen?

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What are some tricks you have seen (street, TV, internet, friends, videos, etc) that made you say "What the freak was that?"
Please Describe...

An example might be an underflip, fingerflip, casper trick, gorilla grip, handstand.................. etc.  

03 Jan 2004 22:24
i seen bob burnquist do a 1 footed smith grind to a kick flip on the half pipe  

04 Jan 2004 14:48
one footed smith grind?? wow... I'd like to see that...  

05 Jan 2004 00:12
ya it was pretty awsome  

05 Jan 2004 02:13
I saw my friend do a casper last night. but i still dont know whow it goes  

19 Jan 2004 18:51
i just landed the 900  

20 Jan 2004 14:50
A trick I saw that some ppl on here might be able to do but still gets me goin is a kickflip underflip it's cazy and you gotta have like perfect timing and everything and it's just wierd!!  

03 Feb 2004 13:22
A QUAD HEELFLIP, I've only seen it in games but NEVER in real life +
A FLAMINGO, I've only seen mike valley do it, it looks impossible  

24 Sep 2004 03:53
i have seen some one triple kickflip just going along

but the best trick i seen is rodney mullen

he is just 1 big trick  

24 Sep 2004 23:22
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28 Sep 2004 19:45
yeah rodney mullen is like the best street skater in the world. I got a kick ass vid of him on my cpu. And that triple kick fick "just goin along" is in there like 4 times all in dif places.  

02 Oct 2004 02:12
my friend can do a flamingo its so awsome ill post up some pics when i get em  

02 Oct 2004 17:33
i have seen the flamingo its well weird  

02 Oct 2004 21:30
team kick flips are pretty cool also me and my buddy did one 1  

13 Oct 2004 15:11
[QUOTE=EmoOverRock]A trick I saw that some ppl on here might be able to do but still gets me goin is a kickflip underflip it's cazy and you gotta have like perfect timing and everything and it's just wierd!![/QUOTE]

I thought that only some of the pros can do a kickflip underflip like rodney mullen, but if any one here can do one plz send pics or vids of it!!!!  

30 Jul 2005 06:31

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