Any ideas where to get used boards from?

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I am a member of the Big sister/Little sister program which helps underprivaledged kids have a positive mentor in their life. I took my "little sister" snowboarding for her first time last weekend and she loved it. It's too expensive to keep paying to rent a board for her, so I was hoping there was a place that sells used boards. She's 14 and pretty tiny so I was looking at the 140's and 150's? I ski so I don't know much about snowboarding, excpet that I suck at it. :) Does anyone have any ideas on where I can look? I was hoping to get the board, bindings and boots all for $150 or less? I may be dreaming though.

04 Jan 2004 20:29
I just found two boards a 163 with bindings and a 157 with bindings and boots for me and my son on ebay, $65 +$25 shipping on the one with boots, and $31 with $15 shipping for the other. Smaller boards seem to be readily available. . I haven't recieved them yet to tell how good they are but the pics looked fine. (he wants to try snowboarding and rental for both sessions at Sugar, where I plan to take him, is $50 a day)

also try [url][/url]
[url][/url] I found clearance boots for $29 here
and [url][/url]  

05 Jan 2004 22:05

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