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Hey everybody!

My name is Kaci and I'm 15 years old.. I'm doing a report on BMX Biking and Skateboarding for school.. because those are my two main interests obviously lol. The report is a persuasive one and I'm trying to persuade how BMXing is better then skateboarding (( sorry to all those who think otherwise)) but if you do believe otherwise OR if you agree.. either way i want to hear what you guys think! Very Happy So reply to me if ya can... thanks sOo much guys! It's great to be apart of this site!  

05 Jan 2004 20:55
Hey Kaci,

I moved your post to General cause it's more like a general topic... There's no need to post same topics to different boards... :wink:  

05 Jan 2004 23:03
i disagree sk8bordin is so much better because theres more of a good feeling when just sk8ing along or landing tricks

also i broke a rib on a bmx which is proberly why im biest... :wink  

17 Mar 2004 11:37
[b][color=red]BMX is better cause it's not as limited, with skateboarding, you can't go over bumps and stuff...idk. Like BMX is more stable...? :? [/color][/b]  

05 Apr 2004 01:07
In my point of view BMX is better. Reason? Not as many people do it (not here at least). It seems to me ever since those Tony Hawk games hit the scene everyone is skating. There are tons of skaters, why? Because everyone can do it. BMX in my point of view is much harder. And when it comes to falling your gonna get hurt a lot more on a bike then on a skateboard.  

18 Apr 2004 11:05
No Way I use to BMX and the tricks are so easy and theres not a whle lot of them (i mean theres lots but compared to skateboarding....nah)
Skateboarding has so many technical tricks,combos, and so forth.Skateboarding is way harder to learn.  

28 Apr 2004 22:06
Oh and i totally agree on you for when you say that kids skate skateboarding because of Tony Hawks Pro Skater . Now there so many kids skating because of it.I didn't start becuase of that cuz those games weren't even out yet...  

28 Apr 2004 22:08
Hmmm... well I definately didnt start skating because of the tony hawk games. I don't even play video games (I don't know why, its not that I hate it or something, I just dont). But I do know what you mean about that.

Also, I think BMX is encredibly lame. I would NEVER do it, EVER. That would be the redneck sport where I'm from. And even if it wasnt, I still wouldnt do it, because its lame.  

05 May 2004 09:05
i agree i really bloody hate bmx's every time i see 1 i want to smash it up like me old 1 i've had 2 accidents on i broke my thumb colliding into a bmx([b]b[/b]astard [b]m[/b]utha [b]x[/b]ucker) and the other i was on 1 and fell of cracking a rib so there bmx's suck  

05 May 2004 11:35

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