cant endo with out brakes HELP!!

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new BMXer
can't endo without brakes HELP!!  

06 Jan 2004 00:40
i got this the other day go slow and just bring ur legs up to ur waist fast.but dont try to hop to get the back up its easier this way trust me.  

06 Jan 2004 10:13
I think this is the best advice geryuu has already given you but if you still have any difficulty try it by rolling the front wheel up against a low wall to begin with until you get the hang of it  

20 Jan 2004 14:07
jus stick ur foot in the forks!!!  

18 Feb 2004 22:45
put your foot in between the forks and the tire, and lean forward!  

16 Mar 2004 21:39
just lean your chest over the bars and pull your weight forward but not to much or you'll be looking like shit for a while  

23 Mar 2004 06:10
lame dogg
grow some nuts and fuk n put yo foot in the forks  

19 Apr 2004 07:22
Actually don't lean too far forward you'll eat shit. Stick which ever foot feels comfterable in your your front tire and push your foot in. Then once your coming off the ground push your hand bars forward and lean back to even out the balance. It takes a little practice but not much. The endo is one of the most basic tricks, it will help you get into other tricks as you progress.  

20 Apr 2004 05:49

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