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Un-Ridden Chaos
So yesterday was the first time I got on blades in 3 years or so. I wanted to push myself to go BIG! I had two friends with me who were on bikes, and we had a 1ft high kicker set up going in the grass for them and me both to practice awhile. I think I pushed my limits..I started off I can launch and land but somthing just isn't right.
We setup one of their bikes up and jumped over it no problem until the second time around, as I said I am pushing myself hard, no pain no gain. I went back about 30 feet, hit the kicker at about 20mph easily, and as I launched somthing went wrong, I had great height and distance, but a painful landing, as I went off, my head thrusted forward to much, and I wound up 9 feet in the air, and 21 feet out in distance, and I landed on my wrist and head. No helmet. It knocked me out cold aha. But it was hella worth it, I love the rush I got, but I hate the afterworks. I sit here now with a chiped wrist and two broken ribs from my first day blading.
How do I get a proper launch and a better balance on my landing? and what tricks and limits should I be going for???  

11 Mar 2007 21:46

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