Don't tell me to practice!!

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okay heres my story

1. learn da ollie so den started to learn kickflips
2. got to the stage where i could land them with my back foot perfectly
3. bout 2months ago, started to land them (chuffed) with my back foot on the tail, so kinder did a bit of a manual
4. over the past two weeks the board as bin getting further and further in front of me so my back foot is not on the board.
5. so f***in frustating, ive snapped my deck 2day (in anger) because my front foot is now continully on the back bolts wen i land.
6. when i kick to the floor so only land wiv my back foot it flip perfect, and lands in da rite place.
7. when i jump and actually TRY it lands in front.
8. ive bin practisin these for 9months, so dont tell me to just PRACTISE!!  

28 Nov 2002 23:52
yeh, i've been practising for the last 2 months to get kickflips down, now i can't even spin them. they either don't spin and don't pop, or pop and do a hardflip. i'd like some help too.  

28 Nov 2002 23:52
If Your Board goes infront of u then when u pop u r leaning back just that touch too much so to keep your board under u and not to move forward keep your head infront of you front foot before you pop wath it spin catch and land

Burn to to burn  

28 Nov 2002 23:53
PRACTICE :lol: :D :)  

15 Feb 2003 18:10
Skate and bmx
dude, u guys suck, its pathetic i learned the kickflip in about 2 weaks and now i can do 360 flips and crap.  

27 Sep 2003 23:42
sk8 forever
Dude whatever, who cares if it took you two weeks as long as you can do it thats all that matters. Hey! I can't land both feet I have the same prob. as that one kid and i've been working on it for like 6 mounths, so your just lucky man! landing with both feet in 2 weeks thats pretty sick!  

17 Dec 2003 01:28
i dont have a problem with heelflips but i have the same problem as that 1 dude with kickflips. its kinda ironic  

25 Mar 2006 05:17
i hate kickflips. and thats coming from a guy that can frontside heel (sometimes)  

25 Mar 2006 08:38
me too. kickflips suck  

25 Mar 2006 20:30
there hard to get perfect at them but once u have them its awesome  

25 Mar 2006 21:51
ya i guess ur right  

25 Mar 2006 21:57
obviously im right :)  

25 Mar 2006 21:59
of course wut was i thinking :)  

25 Mar 2006 22:02
i can do them, it just feels weird as hell to, and i cant do them all the time because i never want to them because i hate them.  

26 Mar 2006 09:37
i just cant do them :-)  

27 Mar 2006 00:27

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