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Hey everyone. I recently bought a wakeboard and i have trouble making the trasition between getting up and riding the board. I dont know what my problem is, i lean back some, i have tried standing up faster and slower, i have tried having the boat pull faster, and i have even tried to do a waterskiiing style start, but i still have trouble with the transistion...

PLEASE HELP, any tips you have i would be grateful for the help...  

14 Jan 2004 18:46
Forget everything you learned water skiing. I just got up on a board myself after 30 years of skiing. The key is to be patient; a slow steady pull works best to start. After I read the advice I got on this website I tried it and it worked. Follow the steps recommended to the letter and you’ll come right up. I’ll repeat it one more time. Forget every thing you learned water skiing, this is a totally different animal. Good Luck.  

14 Jan 2004 18:50
One other thing to try-- make sure you have a good long fin on the rear of the board. Sometimes the better boards only come with two short fins-- just enough for control by experienced boarders. Get yourself a good fin.

Also, mount the front binding at a 45 degree angle and not 90 until you have a few dozen trips under your belt.  

14 Jan 2004 18:53
dont take it in your hands to get up just let the boat do all the work and you will be up in no time :twisted: [/b]  

20 Jan 2004 12:51
haha nice one lol well i cant even wakeboard so how u feel about that  

23 Jan 2004 07:16
ok like the dude said before. forget everyhtin u learnt about sking. fist sit in the water with the foot that is going to be your leading foot keep that tip of the board poking out of the water slightly more than the other. when the boat accelerates let it do all the pulling,dont try and pull urself out of the water. as it pulls u tuck ur back foot under your butt leaning back the whole time. and u will be riding. good luck  

27 Feb 2004 01:15
Wake Angel
I will keep these in mind, I am getting my first wakeboard for my 17th this Wednesday.  

14 Jun 2004 05:33
dude... as u start holdon like a mofo.. and as the board is side ways and is getting water under it just bring the board side ways.  

09 Aug 2005 21:35
Dude they prolly figured it out by now, the post is over a year old  

16 Aug 2005 21:07
i wouldn't know what to say because i don't even need to try to get up. But what helped me friend since he NEVER got up, either fell forward or backward. He tried with he board sideways which i thought was retarded but it helped him. just like what everyone says. It's nothing like water skiing. But just let the boat do the work. Hold on and keep the board close to you and in a way push with your legs  

04 Aug 2007 23:34
i waterskied before i wakeboarded, and honestly i got up the first time i wakeboarded because of my waterskiing experience. the main thing is to take it slow and MAKE SURE THE BOARD IS ONTOP OF THE WATER BEFORE YOU PUT YOUR WEIGHT ON IT. knowing what it takes to be on top of it and to put your weight on it is very important. if you cant get up wakeboarding, try waterskiing. im not saying there similal because by all means there not. im saying waterskis are easier to get up on and will give you the feel of getting up. then on a wakeboard you do the same thing but swivel the board to either the goofy side or the regular side.  

08 Aug 2007 19:53

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