Any Hieroglyphics fans out there?

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Hieroglyphics, the Oakland based and internationally heard and followed underground hip hop group has announced the introduction of their new clothing line, HIERO JEANS, in August 2007!!

The first release, "BASIC", are a limited edition (only 1500 pairs will be sold), hand numbered vintage style denim. Loose fitting and very comfortable, the details of these jeans were well thought out...hate pant legs that drag on the ground as you walk? Not ours!! These hang loosely and comfortably..without the drag. The buttons feature the iconic Hieroglyphic logo (rated the third most recognizable logo in music by Rolling Stone Magazine), and the inside pockets include a Hiero lyric.

Other designs include gray denim, an upscale phantom style, an organic line, and much more!

To stay in the know, hit us up here at, or (coming soon!!).


14 May 2007 22:25

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