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I need help with learning how to sk8! Please help me 2 learn!  

15 Jan 2004 22:23
YOU R NOT THE ONLY ONE :oops: :arrow: :?:  

18 Jan 2004 18:20
Go out and skate guys... I don't understand what's the big deal...
practice, practice and practice... That's all...  

19 Jan 2004 12:15
yeah that is right i mean my friend he is a really good sk8ter and it took him two years to be able to do a kickflip so u really need to practise hard :D  

23 Jan 2004 07:08
theres no way to learn over this computer.go sk8.  

09 Feb 2004 00:32
its gonna either have to come natural , or you teach yourself.(dont try trick tip videos, they suck!)

10 Feb 2004 04:05
yeah no kidding.I think the best way to learn is by trying everything yourself.Like if someone trys to tell me how to do a trick I say screw it cuz if I just try to learn myself it works way better.  

10 Feb 2004 20:16
i practice my tricks myself... so if i make an ass of myself no one notices :roll: :D ... but i get trick ideas from my friends and just ask them how to do it, then once i know how to do it, i go and work on it  

11 Feb 2004 04:54
yeah that works too.  

11 Feb 2004 07:55
nestle toll house
if you really want to ollie go down a hill and make your friend throw a long stick in the middle of the hill so you have two options ollie or boneless either one will make you jump or option three wear gear and eat shit :P :cry:  

21 Mar 2004 07:09
yeh go out n skate and try to skate with friends because they sorta convince u and make u try new shit  

30 Apr 2004 13:10
Hmmm... well I've only been skating for about 48 hours and I've already figured out how to ollie (not a very good one, but it could be polished up into something respectable)

You know how I did that? I practiced. I did it over and over and over and over until I almost did it, and then I did it some more, until I finally got it down. I'd be doing it right now if it wasnt raining. I agree with everyone else (except for whoever said that about throwing a stick out in front of you!) You've got to go skate.

Most people believe that they can make themselves anything online, but a skateboarder (with skills) is not one of those things. Oh... and if you don't fall, your probably not doing it right...  

01 May 2004 01:24
Oh, and a little advise. If you want anyone to take your questions seriously, you need to do a few things-

1)Let us know exactly what your trying to learn (and obviously cant do). Just saying "tell me how to skate" is stupid...

2)Don't seek help if you havn't even tried to do it yet

I could probably come up with some more, but anyway, you get the idea...  

01 May 2004 01:31
i like your style nolaquen :)  

04 May 2004 10:59
i feel your pain man. get sum cool skaters round u and just do wot they do

ps nolaquen, u kiddin? 48hr ollie?  

04 May 2004 15:34
No joke... like I said, its not a really GOOD ollie, but it is one. Once I get myself a decent board I think it will be a little easier. The one I currently am using belongs to my nine year old brother (who doesnt skate). Its really heavy, it's got plastic trucks, and its chipping to pieces like mad. Grrrr... :oops: :P I think my mom bought it at Sams Club, lol...

I'm going to be working as soon as summer comes around though, so I should be running into some money...  

04 May 2004 15:45
does it have cracks? If not then u have a better bord than me  

04 May 2004 15:46
I feel sorry for you, boz.  

05 May 2004 00:02
don't he's queer and he's gettin kicked of soon (hopefully)  

05 May 2004 12:50

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