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I just starded wakeboarding today. I busted a whole bunch. My question is I have a ski boat with no tower is it worth the grand to buy one or is there a cheaper way to go or should i hold out till i get better. Also any tips you guys have will be appreciated.

08 Jun 2007 06:19
is there a prop that i can get that will produce more wake?  

09 Jun 2007 08:49
i started last summer and ever1 falls the 1st day and i dont have a tower but i can still jump the wake and stuff, the tower doesnt matter 0_0  

18 Jun 2007 06:08
you could get a tower, it's really up to you. For one, a tower will help you get up a little more, and once you start jumping you really should get a tower. But you're right, for now you don't really need one.But a tower will help you get up a little easier because the rope is more out of the water and attached up higher  

04 Aug 2007 23:29

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