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I'm looking for a new brake set up, I'm sick of the terrible tektros on my performer....any ideas anyone??  

19 Jan 2004 14:32
get a hombre with a straight through cable  

18 Feb 2004 23:14
[quote=terrible1]get a hombre with a straight through cable[/quote]

WHOA... That's some serious postin bro... Hope you enjoy your stay :wink:  

19 Feb 2004 02:05
thanks i was bored  

20 Feb 2004 00:17
dude dont make your brakes tight or you will snap you cable trust me $12.50 adds up after a while. heres a great tip if you in the mood to by a new rim get silver no paint cause the paint just wears into you brake pad so just get silver and put some pop on your rims makes is sticky and your pads with grip it easyer but dont put to much because your brakes will stick to the rim make sure your spring in your brake is nice and springy dont tighten your brakes to much or that spring is useless. the pop trick works on black painted rims but it wears off you have to keep putting it on. with the pop trick you may think ur bike is a crap because it makes a really loud skicky noise :shock: but at least your brakes work  

23 Mar 2004 06:23
I suggest Diatech Hombres with a straight cable. They work excellent on a good chrome rim.  

05 Apr 2004 02:15
run no brakes  

10 May 2004 08:19
I ride with no brakes, heh. It will feel weird once I get my new bike and it has brakes, I'll probably end up taking them off.  

11 May 2004 06:16
i bow down to brakeless riders. i feel like a retard riding without brakes :P  

30 Jun 2004 20:13

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