Just Starting Out, Is It Too Late?

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Hey guys, brand new, and 20 years old. I really want to start riding BMX, just wondering if it is to late for me to start.... Cuz, I know most people have been doin this their whole lives.  

13 Jun 2007 07:14
Hey man, and no its not too late, have you been riding around where you live, and see people do that in parks, or wide open spaces? No, and you can get lots of attention :)  

23 Jun 2007 07:39
dude, watcha do. is go build ur own jumps makes u appreciate them.
u ride them u make em bigger. thas just how it goes then if u get like money laying around like 500 start out with a nice Fit. and then go balls out.  

18 Jul 2007 05:33
never too late  

01 Aug 2007 19:40
its never too late ive been bmxin since i was 11 now im 13 >.< but anyways never give up always try and youll get good  

05 Aug 2007 20:12
Chuck Norris
Im 20 and ive only been BMXin since last summer dude, when your good people arnt gonna care how old you are, my advice tho is dont spend mor than 200 on your first bike, but dont be cheap, what bike you have can really affect you riding, mongoose or Haro are good bikes 2 start on, and you can always modify later, building your own complete bike should be a goal, thats what I did and it fits my like a glove.  

08 Aug 2007 19:28
hey guys im 14 and im new to this web site i need some advice...on how you (i dont know how to spell it) aboobica....??  

15 Aug 2007 08:50
[QUOTE=back_flip!]hey guys im 14 and im new to this web site i need some advice...on how you (i dont know how to spell it) aboobica....??[/QUOTE]
Hey dude, Just ride up to the copin when your front wheel reaches the copin pull up slightly and then when your back wheel reaches the copin push your bike down on to the copin and slam your brake on (thats if you ride with brakes) and then fakie back in....
The best thing to do is just practise and youll find your own way.....
Hope it helped...  

07 Apr 2008 22:09

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