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Rip Curl Pro Search Chile Location: Isla Alacran, AKA Scorpion Island

THE ASP World Tour's next event will be held at a far-flung location in Chile known as the South American Pipeline.

Its the only contest on the men's professional tour with a floating license. The venue is customarily kept a secret until the surfers arrive in the country before being shipped off to their mystery destination.

The ASP's official calendar still lists the event as being held "Somewhere in Chile" but The Sun-Herald can reveal it will be at Arica, more than 2000 kilometres north of Santiago.

June 20-July 1  

13 Jun 2007 21:35
Shreddy Cruger
Yes! Thats gonna be badass, Arica has the big "El Gringo" wave, it should be huge for the event!  

19 Jun 2007 17:36
Yeah it will be awesome, Tricia Byrnes will be there too getting exclusive footage and interviews from the whole event.  

19 Jun 2007 17:42
I wanna get in on the action. Tricia Byrnes is hott!  

19 Jun 2007 19:03

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