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Any tips on Manualling BMX. It seems as soon as i pull up I loose the ballance point. :x  

20 Jan 2004 14:43
PRACTICE pull up lean back and hold ur brake leva wen ur gonna flip out pull da brake and u go back down  

18 Feb 2004 23:13
What about with NO brakes!? :shock:  

01 Mar 2004 13:55
get ur ass way behind the seat and then pull up whenever u need to get the front tire up and push down whenever u need to get the front tire down.dont push down too friggen hard tho or ull have tar in ur ass.  

02 Mar 2004 00:12
lame dogg
either can i but i can do one handed one footed peg manuals whoopers 360,s and a lot more, who cares bout manuals  

19 Apr 2004 07:23
Manuals are a very good trick to learn. They help you adjust to your bike, balance wise. They are great ways to get into other tricks as well.  

19 Apr 2004 07:25
Do not bend your elbows when pulling up. You need to sort of do that with your back by leaning back and bending your knees. This makes for better form and balance.  

28 Apr 2004 21:49
when you pull bak really hard it will sit up when it starts to go down lean back and pull up a little if your about to loop out..................put yer foot down or both feet if yer going fast and run it out  

10 May 2004 07:39
mines is a tnt  

24 Jun 2004 10:10

24 Jun 2004 10:11
is that good for manuling or not  

24 Jun 2004 10:14
what is the differnce between a manual and a wheelie?  

13 Jul 2004 19:19
there is not the only reason i say this is coz it is the same with skateboarding most americans say manuel most english people say wheelie  

13 Jul 2004 19:21
Actually in BMX there is a difference. In BMX a wheelie is when your front end is up in the air and you're pedaling to keep yourself up and moving. A manual your front end is up and your shifting your weight to stay up and moving, you don't pedal.  

13 Jul 2004 21:41
thats wut i thot it was but i wasn't sure  

14 Jul 2004 02:40

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