How (did) I get up on a Wakeboard?

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I need help getting up on the wakeboard. I managed to do it...once! When I was asked how I did it, I couldn't tell them...and I also couldn't get up again.

Can anyone provide some helpful hints on what I should be doing (eg. stance, positioning, etc.)?

Is there a "Wakeboarding 101" anywhere on the net that might provide some words of advice to a newbie to the world of wakeboarding?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


25 Jun 2007 21:11
to get up you don't really have to attempt to try to get up, just hang on for your friggen life and wait for the board to pull YOU up not you pull the board up.  

29 Jun 2007 04:45
dude basically you need to hold on as hard as you can. It's different for everyone. You can get pulled out slow or fast. It's different for every riders feelings. My friend has trouble like you. he never got up but what helped him was start sideways. Even thought NO ONE does that. it helped him. But you really should be curled up in a ball, keep your weight more in the back but not to far, the ore you lean back you should have the board close to you. keep your knees bent but kinda be pushing your legs against the water or else you will be pulling yourself up and you'll face plant it. I mean it's hard to explain you will basically have yo feel it. It takes practice thought.The way i learned along time ago. Someone who knew what they were doing actually got in the water and helped me. showed me what i had to do. Good luck  

05 Aug 2007 00:12
hey man i found this thing you could look at, it should hlep, you should look at his position, he's leaning back but not to much and "pushing" the board

05 Aug 2007 00:19
It's almost the end of summer so I hope you managed to get up on that board by now. But I thought I would contribute just in case there were others out there. I always scrunch down real tight with board horizontal in the water. then just before the driver hits it I put my right knee between my arms and tip my toes toward the boat. The leg thing is kinda backwards because I lead with my left so there is a moment of quick adjusment once I am up. But I always get up doing it that way. Key is to be scrunched up and then just stand.  

07 Aug 2007 06:14
umm if you know how to waterski it makes wakeboarding much easier. alll i have to say is keep your knees pressed to your chest and thrust your hips.  

08 Aug 2007 19:15

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