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Hi, I am writing an article and want to know what people think about the boards that they ride. If you could answer the questions below then that would be great.

What type of board do you ride?
What attracted you to that type of board?
What advantages does it have?
Would you consider buying a longboard if you have a shortboard? Or vice versa?
Did the design on the board affect your choice?
Would you let a friend ride your board?
What do you think about when you wax your board?
Please tell me any other thoughts you have about your board.

Please post a reply or email me :jacwild@yahoo.com

If you don't have the time to answer all the questions, then your general opinion would be great.
Thanks for your time.

22 Jan 2004 10:22
A surfboard is at least 9' long. This should help you. 8)  

09 Mar 2004 19:20

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