hi im a semi pro

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hi im a semi pro and i can corkscrew 900 and do flatspins and stuff can any one do some good stuff as i like to see what people can do now a days 8) 8) 8) :evil: :twisted: :x :shock:  

22 Jan 2004 11:39
Impressive! Welcome abroad man... Tell us more, post some pics and shit :)  

22 Jan 2004 12:30
i was only jokkin but i can 540 every grab some grinds and i can transfere a spine/volcano :oops:  

22 Jan 2004 13:44
i can do almost anything i am the Tony Hawk :twisted:  

25 Jan 2004 19:22
news flash, tony hawk is a boarder , and ur in the inliners forum, oh well... hi

pretty cool djflipside u got any pics?¿  

27 Jan 2004 18:09
PICS,PICS oh yeah PICS...dude get some pics...  

14 Apr 2004 23:01

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