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what blades have people got i got k2 nemesis :?:  

22 Jan 2004 13:48
i've got anarchy choas none off the list but i like the look of most razors skates and salomon is good  

27 Jan 2004 18:15
I'm currently riding Deshi's a they're great. But they are not on the list.  

28 Jan 2004 05:57
im currently skating k2 nemisis but i only use them in skateparks and use my crap usd gyrcon for justmuckin bout  

28 Jan 2004 20:06
k2s rule  

28 Jan 2004 20:27
sabotage they r nice but i want some k2s.  

14 Apr 2004 23:06
im riding anarchy chaos at the moment they r gr8 :D  

16 May 2004 23:31
plzplzplzplz people stop with the K2s. K2s are not good if u want some good skates explore [url][/url] . The lower quality skates (i dont wana say bad cause the do work for beginners) are K2, Salamons, Roces, and USD. USD arnt that bad but i dont think theyre anywhere near the better skates out there. the good skates would be razor, remedyz/remz, rollerblade, deshi is good but they only sell boots and clothing. the better quality parts for skates would be fifty/50 or 50/50 there the same thing, Kizer a.k.a. Ki3zer, **Mindgame** definatly, and SixWonSix is good too. Any Questions plz ask.  

17 Sep 2004 03:09

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