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Hey all, new here.

Have any of you ever been the only person that BMX's around your town, or the only one thats dedicated to it? Im the only person I know that does it around my town. Other people leave town to do it. Anyway, by a local school theres some woods. All the 10 year olds play stick wars there, but the school recently knocked down some trees making it alot easier for them to make forts and such. Of course the school knows about this, but what If I want to make some jumps there? Do you guys think I should go ahead and just ruin the forts and make jumps? If so, how exactly should you go about making one?

One way I've heard of is taking a log or two and getting dirt piles by the logs and putting the dirt over the logs and leaving it there until rain comes by and then while its raining go by and put some more dirt on then pat it down to make it more compact. Someone said this is the best way to make a jump that is hard and not easy to ruin. Knowing all the 10 year olds and such around here, they would all go and try and ruin it with sticks and do very little damage that can be fixed easily.

Any suggestions?  

21 Jul 2007 03:16
go for it...theyll prolly just use the dirt for more cover in their "war"  

01 Aug 2007 19:27

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