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OH, okay. First let me thank you for calling my website Shitty. It's much appreciated. Secondly, when I ask my co-workers for pictures of their girls or boys playing soccer, or my outriggor crew for photos to post, I don't believe its spam. I'm not asking for anything in return, all I was doing was trying to grow a community. So far, I have my outriggor crew and friends and family that have run the most recen marathons....

First question to you: did I ask for anything?
Second questin to you: was I selling anything?
Third question to you: did I make any type of rude comment or push a commercial in someone's face?

The answer: no... I was just asking for photos. If nobody wants to send photos, then great. that's all they have to say. This isn't spam. I was taking an active part in the forum community. I think you jumped the gun a little. There was no harm intended - I was just asking for photo's that's it..  

22 Jan 2004 22:15
Have you asked for permission to come here and spam your shitty website? One more and you're banned! :!:  

23 Jan 2004 12:30
some one give that man (mrphear) a medal  

17 Mar 2004 11:41
Excatly......oh sh*t I forgot how to spell.....oh how i hate school.(thats why i don't go)  

28 Apr 2004 22:21
like skateboardin photos???if so im lemme know....and i have a couple of friends too.....they r aewsome....  

22 May 2004 04:46
yah i'm game, drop me a line

or, Private Msg on this  

03 Jun 2004 01:18

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