what's the worst fall u ever had

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when i was in my 3rd year i hit a jump i did a nice indy 360 and fell they told me i went unconcious and i believe them

boarder-x :twisted:  

25 Jan 2004 17:19
Last year about three weeks before the season ended I was on break at work and took a run with my brother. I ollied a little 180 going pretty fast and caught my edge on the landing. I rolled a few times and the last time my board didn't roll with me. I felt a searing pain in my knee and layed there crying. I never cry, but that's the worst pain I've ever felt. I had to be taken down in a sled, even though I was begging my brother not to call ski patrol. Its a good thing he did though, because I sprained my mcl and couldn't walk for a week and was in a brace for three.  

27 Jan 2004 01:10
ouch that's got to hurt i just went the other day and went unconcious again

boarder-x :twisted:  

27 Jan 2004 19:15
I've never gone uncoscious before. With all the trees I hit it must be thanks to my helmet.  

28 Jan 2004 14:10
Heya, i have been sent home from working in Austria, Came off a kicker and went about 10-15ft, landed on my right hand and heard a snap, rolled a couple of times then waited for friends and came down the mountain. Arm was broken and had to be reset, ouch so wear wrist guards.  

08 Feb 2004 19:18
Nice photo wolfgang... :wink:  

09 Feb 2004 23:27
hmmmm.....worst injury....i shatterd my coxics..(i cant spell)
but its basically your arse bone..
me and my m8 were cruzing down a slope....he skiis...he stopped and i was going to stop in front of him.....well i turned and was guna sit down when soneones delightful ski got in the way!!!!
the journey home was not comfortable!!

El DIablo :twisted:  

22 Feb 2004 01:53
That is one huge ass photo man I cant even look at it at once!  

24 Feb 2004 07:59
Hmm.. Bad fall, on my march break i went to Tremblant in Quebec. I was up there, top of the mountain, my older cousin decided to take his young son to the top. THe kid was going straight down on skis, and was freaking out, he had to ahve been going fast. I stopped , went rite infront of him, the kid went right through me, i was left with a ski pole in my balls and a binding in my shin, ski binding, lol, broke his skis. :lol:  

31 Mar 2004 18:39
Ak Boarder Boy
My worst accident was prolly when i was doin jumps in mah yard and i got like 6 ft of air and my nose was to far down and it stuck in then the back of my board flew up and hit me in the head and i had to get 5 staples  

27 Aug 2005 06:53
i was on a holiday and it was my first time boarding
i caught the concept in 1hour coz well its almost like sk8boarding
and so i tot i was good =.='''
and thus i created a nice ramp and guess wat
I PULLED 180 nose grab.
and guess wat
i fell down tumbling directly into a tree
went unconciouss too
this is why u shud wear helmet and protective gears.  

11 Nov 2005 20:41
also found out that its stupid to create ur own ramp  

11 Nov 2005 20:42
anytime i land on my tailbone. also caught the edge of a snowboard once, right over my eye. still have a scar.  

15 Nov 2005 02:23
last year i was at Stowe Vt and wanted to throw down a hugee smooth 360. but i caught an edge on the lip which threw me off-axis and i came down REALLY hard on my side. I layed in the snow for about 15 minutes trying to catch my breath. I thought i had broken a rib and probably my ankle. FInally I got up and snowboarded down to the lodge. My friends told me to see ski patrol becaus ei couldnt see out of my left eye and my ankle was the size of a basketball, but I didnt give into goin until an hour later. Next thing i knew i was in and ambulance being rushed to the hospital. A CT scan and some valium later i was told i ruptured my spleen in 3 places and bruised my kidneys. They took my spleen out and i spent a week in the hospital. This one crash caused me to lose my spleen, fracture my ankle, bruise my kindeys, and a severe concussion. In a few weeks im gonna hit the jumps for the 1st time since and i cant wait to throw the huge butter 360 like it was meant to be.  

05 Dec 2005 09:17
thats crazy, i dont know if id hit that jump again lol  

08 Dec 2005 23:56
i was trying a 270 boardslide on a box and face planted right into the corner of the box, lets just say i dont really remember what happened after that  

18 Jan 2006 02:13
Haha, first time I got the balls to go off a jump, I didn't know how to get my board parallel to the ground again (actually, I still don't, but I'll figure it out eventually xD) and landed flat on my back from about 10 feet in the air... Not too smart xD  

18 Nov 2006 18:44

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