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hey if you want to train during the summer without goin to a mountain buy a trampoline and jump on your board on that and practice tricks

boarder-x :twisted:  

25 Jan 2004 17:28
Also round off the edges so they dont cut your trampoline trust me i do it every summer  

18 Jan 2006 04:48
Masking tape around the edges works pretty well too.  

12 Feb 2006 08:57
tape it works  

10 Sep 2006 01:09
Any ideas for those of us without a trampoline?  

18 Nov 2006 18:55
lol old post i know but theres always those alternative skate boards for training in summer like those carve boards with the trucks wih springs instead of rubbers or theres one with like a swivel wheel next to the trucks so you can powerslide like you wont on a snowboard, i have a motorized skate board that they use for training ^_^ i got it today  

25 Dec 2006 12:35

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