Some nice grabs to start off with?

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OK i've mastered going over the funbox and gettin enough air and my next skatin session im gonna try 180 it and/or do sum grabs. i can do a mute / tailgrab (if tailgrab is called as a proper grab¿) over a driveway... what others could i learn and how dya do em plz. cheers ppl ~ s'laters!


27 Jan 2004 18:18
[color=cyan]u could try stalefish were ur hand goes between ur legs and grabs the heel of ur blade there are loads idian air grab both legs wen they restin on ur back in the air put them 2 ur back and grab or cross ur legs as well while doin it k [/color]  

11 Feb 2004 12:44
try this its really easy afta ya get the hang of it,
its one off those tricks the higher it is the better it looks it called somthing like a stale judo where ur left/right leg is straight and u bend the other leg and grab it with the opposit arm so eg: STEP 1.jump off funbox
STEP 2.get suitable air
STEP 3.straighten left leg out
STEP 4.bend right leg behind right
STEP 5.grab right leg with left arm
k'PISH u have an awsome new trick message me bak wene uve tried it
.. DanNyBoi :D  

15 Feb 2004 10:41
all these names get way to complicated !!!!!

try a backflip.....its an easy way to brake an arm....i speak from experience here :)

El Diablo  

21 Feb 2004 20:43
[color=cyan]diablo ive broken both my arms i dont want anottha1 thanx. lol. nah im not onto vert yet n i ent tryin a backflip over a kicker or funbox 2 day...[/color]  

21 Feb 2004 20:58
ahhhh come on it'll be fun lol wel fun to watch at least

naaa c if ur good then you wont brake any thing he he u just got to know how to fall - something i will soon perfect ,im having lots of practise

El Diablo  

21 Feb 2004 23:49

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