I need help ON BASICS

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Hey i just started skateboarding and i trying to learn the basics,IM trying to get my ollie high so i can start to do a kickflip but its not coming easy wut should I do? :cry:
(I dont want people to think im a poser)  

27 Jan 2004 23:04
just take it slow.Who cares what other people think...you dont need to ollie high to kickflip...when i first started, my kickflips landed on the ground before me.It takes time. Just work on landing kickflips,then start working on gettin them high.(if you need help, ill show you. :twisted: )  

10 Feb 2004 07:04
Yeah, who gives a shit if you're good or not.. as long as you practice whenever you get the chance, the tricks will come easy to you... plus once you land those tricks you can go up to people who say you cant skate and you can say "Hey, check this out..."  

11 Feb 2004 04:51
Fuzzy Rider

03 Dec 2006 03:46

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