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new BMXer
what are some easy tricks that i can do just around my street?

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02 Feb 2004 01:14
well the first kool trick i learned was a pogo very easy trick roll at a slow pace stand on backs pegs with both feet.and hit the front brakes so u do a small endo then when ur back hits the ground slam on the back brakes and lift the front end up by bending ur elbows and using ur hips.then start hopping using or body not ur takes awhile so practice makes perfect.or just look around the internet for tricks and tips:P  

04 Feb 2004 03:28
180 hops r pritty rad all u do is twist ur body wen u bunnyhop its soo easy  

18 Feb 2004 22:42
yea 180's are realll good fun becaue once u can 180, u'll be able to 180 off gutters, ledges and almost everything! but a good dirt jumpin trik to learn is the x-up  

04 Mar 2004 12:35
I Think Manuels will be an easy trick to do now, but it is not so big.  

23 Jun 2007 19:13
hello, well i gotta say im not pro but some advice of mine is

at first you gotta learn to jhop or bunny hop
then when you can do those pretty high start doing some gaps
after your bored of gaps work your way to a 90 then get crazy=-p

90- jhop/bunny hop carve your bars a little and turn your body
180- same as above only carve more
360 pivot-jhop carve to a 180 only do more then a 180 land on back tire and spin out to 360

360- same stuff jhop carve turn your body and if you want help with your feet

tire tap(no brakes) find a little curb or somthing jhop on with your back tire keep your balance for a few seconds and jhop out

barspin- first to start out pull up and do half bs then keep doing until you can do full bs after you master this you can jhop barspin,180 barspin or barspin no footers ect

tailwhip- first jam your foot into clearence beetween forks and wheel kick the frame with the other foot and spin frame around and land it, after you got that try and jhop shift your feet and kick the frame at this point your not half bad

keep practasing some of these and try new stuff(theres alot more tricks then these)

a good bike and setup


rockstar exe2 bike
single wall front rim
alex supra j back rim (double wall) with a 8 tooth driver
shadow conspiracy seat
animal edwin grips
2 lizardskin donuts
buy a 25 tooth all around bashgard sprocket
take of jyro(just gets in the way)
put on a long cord make sure you can barspin with it.
2 light weight pegs *do not get twist on you will bend your axles*
if you have a 3/8 front and 14m back axle only put back peg on and feeble

this will cost around

350 $ usd

not much if you consider eastern is selling frames for 1200$  

05 Aug 2007 20:07
Hey guys do any of you know how to (dont know how to spell it) abobica??  

15 Aug 2007 10:04
its fun to manual X-up. Once you get in a manual, just do an x-up, and you can either pull out of it or land like then lift the front up and turn the bars back to normal. It's really easy, you sometimes don't even need to do a full manual.  

09 Nov 2007 10:00

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