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Man.whts all your best trick(no lying cuz you do and you must really suck if you have to lie about your best trick)
I'm just asking cuz it seems like everybody here besides me is a beginner.I've been skating for 3 years so...... that could be why I think that.But I hate Posers!!!!!It's cool If your learning and everything but people who buy all skate clothing(or even not)then they come to the park and sit down on the frickin ramps holding their brandnew board(or their piece of shit walmart offense to whoever has one)  

04 Feb 2004 23:14
I don't know my best but my funest was ollie my first double set  

05 Feb 2004 22:07
ive been skating for six years and im ok... i just got sponsored this summer for skatin up a speed ramp and backside 180 heelin into was pretty clean!!! poser arent cool...  

10 Feb 2004 03:37

18 Feb 2004 00:40
i some how managed to land a 360 flip bs lipslide to fakie  

02 Mar 2004 13:23
Man it seems like evybody in here are newbies at skateboarding cuz like they're all asking for advice on kickflips and ollies.

Is they're anybody in here that isn't a newbie besides me?? :?  

15 Mar 2004 20:02
Today's newbies, tomorrow's pros :twisted:  

16 Mar 2004 02:51
Naaa I don't think so....It takes the kids that just started way to long,I think.I got some cousind that just started and they're always just olling around and kicky kickflips even when they don't even try to land 'em  

16 Mar 2004 22:12

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