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Anyone know how to flip out of primos.. my friend did 'em once, but yeah i havent been able to talk to him for awhile and im kind of getting bored just waiting to ask him so... any tips?  

05 Feb 2004 05:49
you have to move your back foot to the tail, just behind the wheel...and keep your front foot on the wheel.Ok, once you do this, push down on your tail and jerk your front foot back.This should make it spin all the way(depending on how hard you push down) its pretty much like an not really try kickflip! yeah. Well, if you want to varial flip out of it, push on your tail and slide your front foot back and at the same time, slide your back foot forward.It will spin and turn, causing you to varial kickflip out of a primo. Post another for reemo!

(CIA is here!haha)  

10 Feb 2004 03:57
Fuzzy Rider

03 Dec 2006 03:49

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