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Im new to riding and ive got a huffy. i dont really know that much about it but are they shit or decent??? :?  

07 Feb 2004 22:22
dude they suck ass!!! get a decent bike b4 u get hurt wen it snaps  

18 Feb 2004 22:38
oh my god dude your bike sucks ass  

07 Apr 2007 09:40
dude huffys suck ass u need something like a general lee or something  

17 Apr 2007 05:32
lol genral lees suck also. dk sucks. i depise them. yeah ur bike i can get
at walmart for 20 dollars. um.. yeah look for a FIT  

18 Jul 2007 05:47
my Hoffmans a little heavy but solid as a motherfucker  

01 Aug 2007 19:39
Chuck Norris
Build your own bike man, thats the way to go :)  

08 Aug 2007 19:40
ye wtf huffy's = suck dick i am getting a colony endeavor only 30 in aus  

15 Aug 2007 08:46

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